Police Collaboration

Police Collaboration & Protecting Against Stolen Goods

We get this one all the time, the BBQ conversation about your break-in and how your stuff will be in a PayDay Pawn Shop. Unfortunately theft and burglary are a part of life, and although our staff do their best, it’s not always easy to determine if an item being sold is stolen or not, but we want to help. In 1999 we recommended and built a system with the Australian Police as a tool we can use to help you get your stuff back if you’ve had it stolen.

Every time a product crosses our counters:

    • We write a description about the product;
      We record any serial numbers on the item;
    • In some instances we take a photograph of the goods being sold or loaned against;
    • In some instances we take a photograph of the person selling or loaning against the goods; and
    • We take copies of 100 points of ID.

What you can do to help the police identify your goods:

  • Create a list of ‘valuable items’ in your home;
  • Record serial numbers where possible;
  • Take photographs of items like jewellery or other valuables;
  • Insure your valuable goods; and
  • If items you own are stolen, call the Police and provide as much detail about them as you can, including serial numbers or photographs where possible.

Remember, the more detail you have about your items for the police, the easier it will be for them to help you.So how does it work?

PayDay Pawn Shop in most states regularly upload a file to their State police service notifying them of all items bought or borrowed against. The police check these reports against their own databases for any matches. If there is a possible match, the police will contact the appropriate store to determine if it is the same item that has been reported to them as being stolen. All outlets are required to hold second hand goods for a period of time prior to them being offered for sale to enable these checks to be made.

Other ways people sell stolen goods:

Unfortunately there are many ways to sell goods other than through a licensed second-hand dealer like PayDay Pawn Shop. In fact, as items cannot be sold to our stores without providing full identification people can sell items for cash through unregulated online classifieds, swap meets and in the paper.